The Harvey Foundation Inc. was founded in 2015 by Adriene Lombardi, the daughter of the late Robin L. Harvey of Nantucket.  Robin Harvey was an integral piece of the fabric of Nantucket.  She was a fighter who persevered and overcame great odds, while offering a warm smile, acting as a role model to everyone around her.  Her philanthropic work was always genuine and from the heart. Robin volunteered for many years on a number of different athletic teams as an assistant coach, she volunteered in the library at NES, was a member of the School Committee, sat on a number of boards which all had a priority of the health, wellness and education of the people of Nantucket.

The goal of the Harvey Foundation is to continue the endless work that Robin took on.  Providing opportunity for community involvement, furthering education, building camaraderie and healthy athletic events for Nantucket’s community. It’s about giving back and supporting one another. The foundation is proud to have the support of such a generous community and feels empowered as an organization to help foster opportunities for growth and service.


The Harvey Foundation Inc. is an official 501c3 non for profit organization with tax exempt status

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