The Harvey Foundation works to assist in the education and perseverance of Nantucket Island residents towards the value of life-long learning, athletic participation and continuing education, while also keeping a priority on the importance of philanthropic work on Nantucket.  We are an official 501c3 non for profit organization with tax exempt status.

Our MissionTo empower  and assist the pathfinders of education, athletics and community service.

(April 13, 2019) The Harvey Foundation’s three-on-three basketball tournament last month raised $10,000 for the purchase of a new van for the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club. The Foundation donated the remaining money to complete the purchase.

The club is also trying to raise money for the purchase of a second van.

“With over 1,000 members and aging vehicles, the club is in desperate need of new wheels. More transportation means more experiences and more opportunities for our members,” director of operations Jamie Foster said. “We are calling on all parents, alumni, local businesses and community members to help match the Harvey Foundation donation and raise funds for a second vehicle.”    To learn more or donate, call the club at (508) 228-0158 or visit www.nantucketboysandgirlsclub.org

Harvey Foundation by the Numbers

Here is what our organization has been up to this year!

HF by the Numbers (1)


Founder’s Note: 

On behalf of the Harvey family, I want to thank you for embracing our new venture in the community and putting your trust in us to carry on a legacy that Robin left behind.  We could not do what we have been able to without the outpouring love, support, generosity and enthusiasm everyone has offered us in our first two years of existence.  We have an outstanding board of directors as well as a number of key volunteers and supporters in the community that we have had the pleasure to have join our team.  I am proud of the work that we have done thus far and look forward to the work we have ahead of us.  This island is a place that we all call home and we all take care of each other.  My hope is that the Harvey Foundation can help support our community while also providing opportunities to come together in authentic, fun and healthy ways, that help foster an environment of encouragement, love and service.   -A.Lombardi

Board of Directors

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